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The ultimate urban traffic management system

Over the last 40 years, we’ve continually invested in SCATS® to ensure it meets the needs of real cities and towns. Our intelligent system is equipped with features that optimise traffic flow.

  • Real-time information

    With SCATS you’ll receive:

    • Real-time information for both advanced operations and maintenance monitoring, which includes detection, timing, saturation, status, communication and coordination information.
    • Real-time alarm monitoring covering communications, detection, operator access, and flash status alarms. The highly intuitive detection alarm monitoring specifies the exact lane with the detection issue, and determines whether that issue is an open circuit or short circuit detector, all from the central GUI (Graphical User Interface).
    • Real-time space and time diagrams: diagrams that help to show the real-time status of the road corridors for monitoring platoon arrivals, as well as theoretical travel time information.
    • Historical reporting: SCATS features a range of easy-to-understand on-screen reports, to help with future planning and reviewing past operation. This means there’s no need for manual traffic plans or costly surveys. The reports include timing, detection actuation, lane saturation, lane volume, coordination and adaptive trigger information.