Making the most of SCATS®

We want to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your SCATS traffic management system. Refer to the Distributors for a range of support and training options.

Maintenance agreements

Ongoing support and continual upgrades

Licensed Distributors offer comprehensive, ongoing technical and product support when you purchase a SCATS maintenance agreement.

What’s included in your maintenance agreement?

Your maintenance agreement with your licensed SCATS distributor includes:
  • Direct telephone support.
  • Remote diagnosis and support.
  • Provision of upgrades and new SCATS releases.
Ready to purchase your SCATS maintenance agreement?

If you'd like to discuss buying a SCATS maintenance agreement, please contact our Distributors.


Getting the most from SCATS

If you’d like to learn how to get the best from your SCATS traffic management system we recommend taking a training course with one of our Distributors.

SCATS training is aimed at Road Authorities, traffic management staff and SCATS licensees. To benefit fully from the training, participants should be familiar with traffic signal operation and the principles of traffic coordination.

Training is provided by our Distributors, who offer a comprehensive range of initial and ongoing training courses, including:

  • SCATS Practitioners Course.
  • SCATS Personality Generation.
  • SCATS Advanced Training.


Getting the most from SCATS

To ensure your software remains up to date, we recommend that you buy a SCATS maintenance agreement.

Our licensed SCATS Distributors can help all SCATS® international customers with a software migration path.