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Versatile traffic control options to suit your needs

The following licensed applications can be purchased separately to expand the capability of your SCATS® system:

Traffic Reporter

Reports traffic volumes for any given road approach, shows the variation of the actual cycle length time and compares this information with SCATS cycle length time requirements. This gives the operator an understanding of how well the SCATS system is coordinating the whole road corridor in that subsystem.

SCATS Communication Monitor

This tool helps operators evaluate the communications between the SCATS Regional Computer and the Traffic Signal Controller at an intersection. The Communications Monitor places emphasis on the loss of communications and loss of adaptive control due to Fallback (the mode whereby the Traffic Signal Controller starts using plan data stored locally).

SCATS Alarm Analyser

Provides a collated report of the occurrence of faults and can specify which specific faults to report on over a given period of time.


An automated service that’s designed to monitor particular events at one or more locations, and notify the operator of any interruptions or occurrences.

SCATS Action Runner

An application that can run SCATS action lists and route pre-emption plans via a simple user interface. It can be used by staff in an ambulance station or fire station who need to activate a pre-programmed sequencing of a range signals. It also provides real-time status monitoring of activated plans and ability to halt activated plans.

SCATS Flexilink Data Generator

An application that generates the data that is used when the SCATS system is operating under Flexilink mode. The use of the data enables better signal coordination during a loss of communications and automates a task that can be very complex and time consuming when done manually.

History Reader

An application that reads historical data collected and saved by the SCATS system and displays the data to the operator for analysis.

Server software

The following optional server software can be purchased separately from SCATS:

Event Generator

Allows non-SCATS-compliant devices in the field to generate alarms that can be used to alert Control Centre Operators.

External devices can
include equipment such as:
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) on major roads
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies that are integrated with Traffic Signal Controllers
  • Any device that has relay contacts that can be monitored and reported by a Traffic Signal Controller or SCATS-compliant device.

Congestion Server with Unusual Congestion Monitor

A monitoring tool that analyses each intersection’s traffic volumes and degree of saturation to determine whether a road is "congested" or not.

The Unusual Congestion Server runs continually as new data is received, and the Unusual Congestion Monitor is updated in real time, so the list of roads and the degree and value of congestion changes dynamically.

SMS Server

A monitoring tool that sends an SMS to specific personnel so they can attend to a fault or alarm.