Central Manager

The workhorses of the SCATS system are the Regional Computers. One SCATS Central Manager (CM) can have up to 64 Regional Computers as part of its system architecture, each controlling up to 250 Traffic Signal Controllers each.

Intersection Traffic Signal Controllers

When choosing to invest in the SCATS, it’s important to consider the cost of Traffic Signal Controllers. Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have developed a SCATS-compliant controller specification called TSC/4.

These TSC/4 Traffic Signal Controllers are manufactured by our licensed distributors, and are used across Australia and by several international customers. The TSC/4 integrates seamlessly with SCATS and its design is consistent with the software.

For customers who wish to use non-TSC/4 Traffic Signal Controllers, our Distributors can provide interface devices that enable their use and still provide adaptive traffic control. Speak to our licensed SCATS Distributors to find out which non-TSC/4 Traffic Signal Controllers can be interfaced with SCATS.