How SCATS works

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Intelligent traffic management

SCATS® (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) is an adaptive urban traffic management system that synchronises traffic signals to optimise traffic flow across a whole city, region or corridor.

SCATS is more than just a way of linking traffic signals to provide road management coordination, it’s a sophisticated traffic engineering system that allows you to implement complex, objective-oriented, traffic management strategies.

To use SCATS you need:
  • A SCATS-compatible Traffic Signal Controller.
  • A centralised computer system to manage all Traffic Signal Controllers.
  • A reliable communications network for the centralised computer system to exchange data with all Traffic Signal Controllers in your city.
  • Vehicle detectors at each intersection, usually in the form of loops in the road pavement.

Adaptive control

SCATS is a truly intelligent traffic management system that considers all aspects of traffic control and can respond to the demands of the network in real time.